Rose Hall Great House

Perhaps one of the most famous great houses in Jamaica is Rose Hall, in the parish of St James and around 15 minutes from Montego Bay airport. The reason for it’s infamy is due to one of the occupants Annie Palmer, known also as the White Witch of Rose Hall. She is reputed to have murdered three husbands and had them buried on the beach a short distance from the great house itself.

Underground Passage (St James, Jamaica)

Underground Passage (St James, Jamaica)

The house was bought in 1965 and renovated in the 1970’s by an American couple Michele and John Rollins. It now operates as a tourist attraction with the rennovated great house containing reproduction furniture, fixtures and fittings.  There are two original pieces in the property. A bell pull, and Annie Palmers chaise lounge.

From the perspective of the Leer Futuro project, the most interesting area of the house remains outside and in the underground dungeon area, in which are located the gift shop, toilets and a pub. This area features the original coral cobbles and is the area in which slaves were brought down for punishment, receiving no food or water and left to rot and die. During this month long visit, I visited Rose Hall once and took the tour which takes you all around the house.

The time of day was not ideal for photography and I felt that more time was required to photograph on the site, even from an exploratory perspective so for now I will only post a few photos from Rose Hall.

Morlene Fisher

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