Photographers beware of new Trespass Laws

As the UK currently has no privacy laws, photographers are usually free to take pictures wherever they wish as long as they are on public land, or…

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Think differently about consumption

Chris Jordon’s current work, Running the numbers – An American Self Portrait, allows us to think quite differently about our consumption by marrying photographic work with statistics.…

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Photography at childrens parties

I found a great article over at the Digital Photography School website about photographing childrens birthday parties. My reason for looking for advice was that I was due to be the ‘official’ photographer at a friends son’s birthday recently and as such wanted to get some tips on how best to approach the day.

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Why I love Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is what I love doing. A portrait photography commission, whether in a studio or on location, allows both the commissioner or the portrait and me as the artist to explore different facets of your personality and sometimes of your identity.

It does not matter whether you are completely outgoing, or a little apprehensive, the point is, once you are comfortable with the artist you will relax and you will be amazed at the end results.

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What Right To Occupy Public Space

Who decides that a space is designed for you? Or rather that it was not designed with you in mind. I would make hte assumption that city…

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