Why Great Houses?

I haven’t really spoken about what prompted the initial consideration of Great Houses and heritage sites as an area for visual exploration. As a person of Jamaican-African…

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Rose Hall Great House (Jamaica)

Rose Hall Great House

Perhaps one of the most famous great houses in Jamaica is Rose Hall, in the parish of St James and around 15 minutes from Montego Bay airport.…

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Water Wheel (St Ann, Jamaica)

St Ann Post Reconnaissance Update

Drax Hall Water Wheel Two out of three ain’t bad, we managed to stop and check out the Drax Hall Water Wheel which is a magnificent ruin. Didn’t take…

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Research & Reconnoitre St Ann

Part of doing this project is identifying appropriate sites for exploration, further research and visual documenting. As a starting point I have been able to use the…

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Overseers House (St Ann, Jamaica)

Seville Great House

When the English captured Jamaica in 1655 from the Spanish areas of the country were divided up amongst the captains and generals of the conquering armies. One…

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Your Audience Mirrors You

It doesn’t really matter whether you are reading this because you are in the process of growing an audience. This piece (I hope) could spark an idea…

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The Law and The Photographer

Forgive me if this seems a little self pitying, but photographers in the UK seem to be fighting a losing battle both with members of the public and with the police (or more accurately community support officers, security guards and police officers who are ignorant of the law on photography in a public place). More and more reports are being written of photographers who take pictures in public places having to undergo stop and search and confiscation of their cameras and equipment if deemed to be acting in a suspicious manner.

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Why I Went To Photography School

I went to photography school for a reason. It’s not that I couldn’t take photographs, I taught myself how to do that. I really went to photography school so that I could learn about photography. Sounds obvious? Actually it isn’t

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A Good Headshot Gets You Noticed

A headshots photographer in London is not hard to find, but don’t base your decision to hire a headshot photographer on price alone. Look into a few…

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Photography Laws, Copyright and Trespass

Photographers need to know where we stand in relation to copyright and trespass laws. It isn’t that there are specific photography laws or regulations covering photography. UK…

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