A Good Headshot Gets You Noticed

A headshots photographer in London is not hard to find, but don’t base your decision to hire a headshot photographer on price alone. Look into a few more things when shopping around for someone who will get you noticed by that casting director.

A good actor headshot gets you noticed by the casting director. It shows who you are, as you walk in the door whomever is casting will recognize you from your headshot. More importantly a good actor headshot will get you to the casting call in the first place.

Looking for your next acting job is hard

If you’ve been working as an actor for some time, going to casting calls or looking for work, then you know that it’s competitive. Acting, is a skilled profession, but unless you have had large amounts of success in your work (people are calling you), you have to compete like everyone else.

Forthcoming productions don’t always get publicised, they go through casting directors and agents. You need every tool in your arsenal that will get you to the top of the pile. Whether you work with an Agent or not you have to get yourself chosen from amongst a large group of actors who also think they would be perfect for the part.

Even if it’s an open call, you will need to be remembered when the day is done and the casting company is trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. Your headshot needs to make you stand out from the crowd.

Why Go For A Professional Headshot Photographer?

Quite simply you choose a professional headshot photographer, because that is how they make their living, by shooting photographs everyday, all day. Better still they concentrate on making your headshot look as best it can from the shoot.The thing is, your time is precious. Do you want to spend time taking 200 photographs only to have to settle for one that is OK? No, you want to spend an hour taking a variety of poses, in a variety of clothing, and you want to have more than 10 pictures to choose from.

Face it, you’re an actor for a reason. You’re versatile, your chameleon skills mean you can take on any character and play the part. You want everyone who is to see you to know that you have the skills and the look to play the part. So why would you settle for one style or one pose?

A good photographer knows how to get you into your comfort zone.

actor-headshot-5.jpgWhen you’re in your comfort zone, you relax. Smiles are natural not faked. The character in your eyes shines out. The body language and facial expressions will express confidence, able to handle. The point of the headshot photo shoot is not to push you, it’s to get your best look. The best one for you. If you’re relaxed and you have a good rapport with the headshot photographer, then you are more than half way there.

When you’re searching for a headshot photographer, a good tip is to call them up and speak to them on the phone. You’ll be able to tell by the end of the call whether you will feel comfortable with them at the shoot. Speaking beforehand will let you establish a rapport with the photographer. It will also help to remove any first time meeting anxiety that you may have.

When you’re in your comfort zone at your headshot shoot, you’ll be prone to experiment, push the boat out a little, most of all you and the photographer will have fun. Trust me, when you’re a photographer and you’re working with someone who is relaxed and willing to try something new or experiment, they start to have fun and you can produce some really interesting work.

Don’t Risk Your Career, Go Pro Every Time

Why risk not getting that call for the part that could propel your acting career into the stratosphere. Why risk the chance to make a good impression first time. If your headshot photograph goes into the bin, then you’ve got no chance have you?

Choose wisely, ask them lots of questions. If you’re posting your acting resume online at one of the many casting portals, then you need to update your headshots as your look changes. There are many, many headshot photographers in London, and in the cities and towns who have great acting traditions. Just don’t base your decision on which headshots photographer you use on price alone.

Morlene Fisher

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I’ve been a professional photographer for about ten years and have often thought about going into the Headshot business. I’ve always been a fan of the great Hollywood Glamor Photographers like George Hurrell and Sinclair Bull. Your advise on selecting a photographer is right on the mark, too many photographers just want to get it over with and move on to the next subject.

I have been reading a lot recently about actor headshot as im running a business in the undustry and i agreed totally about all the things you mentioned confort zone feeling relaxed… great article !

This is an interesting issue. I have never thought of it. And I absolutely agree with you. Getting a perfect headshot is also important for self branding. In order to select a headshot photographer, first I should need to ask myself, How do I want public to perceive me?

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